Hamsa Gifts of Good Luck and Blessing for a New Home

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Hamsa Wall Decor for Blessing and Protection
Hamsa Wall Decor Air Planter

Hamsa Housewarming Gifts That Bring Good Luck


The Hamsa is used in a house to symbolize peace and blessing, and therefore, it is said to be known as an effective home blessing and a source of happiness.

The Hamsa (hand  shape) has been used since ancient times for good luck, protection, and decoration. The hamsa  is a protective sign. It brings it’s owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. People will display the Hamsa amulet to protect their homes from any evil or negative curse that could befall them.


The Hamsa does not only bring protection, but it is thought to bring happiness and blessings as well. This could be a reason that many people will buy it and display it in their homes. People are always looking to bring more happiness into their lives and any good blessings are always welcomed.

Why hang hasma symbols in your home?

The hamsa charm and symbol is often hung next to the front door, because  the belief that the door is the entrance to the entire house, so if anything bad was to come into the house, it would probably pass through the door first. The hamsa symbol protects the whole house.

All hasma symbols are believed to also capture evil eye. This ensures that the bad looks that someone gives or bad luck they intent would not enter the house.  Some place  hamsa symbols are also put into every room of the house to offer maximum protection against evil forces.

It can help to make sure that No one with evil intentions will have the chance to get in the garden let alone the house with the powers(intended or not) to cast a evil eye upon you and your surroundings.

Moreover, a hamsa hung in a home is said to help to discourage internal conflicts within a household, and as such, family fights and feuds so that the family would have peaceful conversations throughout their lifetime.

It also brings a great deal of good luck, and many people living in these homes are very successful and they tend to have a lot of luck.


Boost your chances for good energy and prosperity while warding off evil spirits by placing these simple items in your home.


What else brings good luck to a new home?

* Lighting a candle on the first night in a new home is said to bring light into the house . . and cast out darkness, chasing away any shadows of evil, pain or sorrow that possibly existed before you moved in.

* Bread and salt, in Jewish tradition it represent hospitality. Bread and salt should be the first things to be brought into the home; bread, so the home should never experience hunger, and salt, so their life will be full of flavor. Also it is believed that that salt has the power to repel evil spirits and keep your home safe against black magic.


Good luck in your new home

It is very common to see many people buying the hamsa symbol to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from any type of harm. You yourself could get one when you feel that you need the protection.