Happy Mug 

Let them know you’re sending positive vibes their way. Everyone Needs A Little Mazel.

Mazel in your cup Positive Energy in Every Cupful

Positive Energy in Every Cupful

Plus Red String Bracelet for protection, luck and blessings. 

A Daily Message Of Inspiration Because Believing in Luck Actually Makes Us Lucky.

 Good Luck Dollar + Red String Bracelet + Mazel Mug =

Get Luck Coffee Cup

Having Luck On Your Side.

Charity Brings Luck

Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on  Built in Good Karma – Packaged with  a Good Deed Dollar – Pass It On To Charity.

The best way to get luck is to give charity to others. Karma is a circle. What you do now comes back to you. Karma is a circle. Charity brings luck.


Mazel Makes It All Good!

Whatever the day brings, this cup filled with mazel, has got you covered with good mazel, love and luck. Makes every cup of coffee deliciously tasty.

Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between – this mug’s for you! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid empowering message, mazel and luck is with you. Plus it will withstand the microwave and dishwasher.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

Studies have shown, when we believe in Luck we are luckier and happier too. The difference between good and bad luck can result in either hope or despair. Everyone needs a little Mazel.

  • Positive thinking can actually make positive results happen.      
  • Luck plays a huge role in our lives.  Studies have shown, when we believe in Luck we are luckier and happier too. 

Did you know: That when people were given a good luck talisman they performed better and not only were they luckier afterward, tests showed they were also happier.

Start your day with this mug knowing good luck is with you.

+ +Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on

11oz  3.85″ tall $17.00  (+ $5.50 shipping)

+ +Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on

15oz  4.71″ tall $21.00  (+ $5.50 shipping)


Sending them some Mazel with a good luck gift can be a daily reminder that you are special and recognize bolster their confidence and help them through their challenge. 



Pass The Buck & Get Some Luck 

Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on

Every purchase includes a crisp dollar bill, Good Luck Buck  (“good deed money”) empowering  the recipient to be your agent of a good deed to donate charity (the dollar) to a worthy cause.

Who knows, maybe your dollar will be the one that changes the world.


Giving others the opportunity to perform a good deed is the ultimate act of paying it forward. 

Send Someone Mazel and Luck

Think good and it will be good … Wishing Someone Luck matters more than we think.

Wishing someone luck makes them do better.

Research shows that having some kind of a luck charm can actually improve one’s performance by increasing one’s self-confidence.



11oz  3.85″ tall $12.50  (+ $5.50 shipping)

15oz  4.71″ tall $16.50  (+ $5.50 shipping)


The Best Part of Waking Up is Knowing YOU Have Mazel in Your Cup