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Mazel Means Good Luck 


The modern translation of Mazel is Luck

When we wish someone Mazel Tov, we are offering them a blessing. The astrology zodiac signs are called mazelot in hebrew.  The original literal translation of mazel is ‘a drip from above’

Mazel is influence of constellations dripping down positive destiny from the stars.

Mazel is Luck.

Mazel is a wish for both a lucky star and lucky fate!



The Song 


Song first introduced in 1947  The Ravens 


You Gotta Have A Little Mazel. Cause Mazel Means Good Luck.

And With A Little Mazel, You’ll Always Have A Buck.

And if you have no mazel, although you’re on the ball, you try and try and can’t get by; you beat your head against the wall.

Don’t ever try to figure why you seem to be to blame that some folks have a million and cant even write their name.

Gotta have a little mazel. Mazel means good luck.

‘Cause with a little mazel, You’ll always make a buck.

Mazel Sung by The Ravens

The FIRST recording of ‘Mazel means good luck’ was by a R&B vocal group The Ravens in 1947. 

The swinging title track, a pop standard by Artie Lane, Jack Beekman and Leo Fuld, was first introduced in 1947 by its co-writer Artie Lane. It was recorded that year by Louis Prima, Benny Goodman, and even doo wop group The Ravens. It gained full Yiddish verse and chorus when sung in 1954 by multi-lingual star Fuld. (

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The Best Part Of Waking Up Is MAZEL In Your Cup

Various Artists Performing The Song Mazel Means Good Luck


THE BARRY SISTERS Vie Nemt Men A Bissele Mazel

A BISELE MAZL – A little good luck is what the world needs now!

Mazel Jazz Aakapella

Mahzel · The Millers Hollandse Hits van Toen, Deel 2

THE RAVENS - MAZEL Means Good Luck



The Peter Sisters - Khosn Kale Mazel Tov (live in France, 1959) Jewish wedding song.

Yiddish Jazz with Andrey Makarevich. If you have a Mazal.

Andrey Makarevich. Washington DC. October,19. 2014.

Mike Burstyn - Mazel from the album "Rozhinkes mit Mandlen" Hed-Arzi Records, Israel, 1979