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Creating positive energy through acts of kindness.

Spread good fortune, empower people to feel positive sending luck and good vibes one Mazel at a time. spreading good luck, hope and encouragement.

'Cause Mazel Means Good Luck
‘Cause Mazel Means Good Luck

Make a genuine difference in someone’s life.  

Enrich People’s Lives. Create a real emotional connections with a real physical interactions.

Our gifts of luck and good vibes are sure to make someone feel good, offer encouragement and empower them. 

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'Cause Mazel Means Good Luck
‘Cause Mazel Means Good Luck

Do You Know What My Super Power is?

To bring joy and mazel to every moment with joyful stuff.

 inspire encourage people to think of each other … need a little bit of good in their lives – with a personal touch, and the option to customize a message 

Luck Matters More Than You Might Think

Did You Know:

  • Wishing someone luck makes them do better
  • Research shows that having some kind of lucky token can actually improve performance – by increasing their self-confidence.

A Gift With An Impact Send a gift of luck to a friend, a relative, a spouse.

People know how impactful a great gift, at the right time, can be.

The right message at the right time can help make anything possible for someone.

Think Good And It Will Be Good.

Positive thinking can actually make positive results happen.

Power To Create Karma For Others and Yourself.

Karma is based on the idea of cause and effect. What you do now comes back to you.

You can help anyone just because you want to.

Here’s How it Works

Send a good luck gift of a red string bracelet or choose an upgrade gift.

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Your message hand written
Good Luck Karma

Red String Bracelet

Good Luck Karma

Charity Brings Mazel

Pass The Buck & Get Good Luck. 3 people have Mazel thanks to you.
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