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Red String Bracelet Offers Protection From Evil Eye



- The color red is anti demonic. - A circle of protection for the wearer. - Red is a symbol of life. - Red string in the Bible.

This article discusses:

– The color red is anti demonic.
– A circle of protection for the wearer.
– Red is a symbol of life.
– Red string in the Bible.


How A Red String Bracelet offers protection against the evil eye.


The significance of the color red – Red is anti demonic and symbolizes  good luck, vitality, health, and protection.


The red string is worn to fool the curse of the evil eye cast by others with a circle of protection for the wearer’s life and vitality. Wearing a red string bracelet is used as a symbol offering protection in warding off the evil eye by  building a protective circle for the person wearing it


Spirits wishing to cause harm from the evil eye cast by others are driven away and rendered powerless unable to break the circle of protection and the ‘guard’ of the red string bracelet as a protective amulet against the evil eye.    


Red String To Protect From The Evil Eye


Red is also a symbol of life, the bold redness of the color red symbolizes  blood, linking a red string to healthy living and vitality. The red color of the string serves as a symbolic substitute for blood, serving to ‘fool’ the evil eye into ‘attacking’ the external symbol, the red string, instead of the wearer.


The theory of the harmful effects of the evil eye is based on the belief that life is liquid (blood) and death is dry.

The red string is seen as a protective circle to seal off the body from attack while keeping one’s life force within the bound area.


This is why the red string is believed to protect a person from certain harm caused by the evil eye of others.


Often times, red wine substitutes symbolically for the blood of sacrifices – the red string is the symbolic sacrificial substitute for the wearer’s blood, protecting the wearer from the demonic attacks of the evil eye.

Explaining the universal belief of the powerful function of displaying a red string in warding off harm, protection from the evil eye and blessings for the wearer.


Why the Color Red

    • Wearing red imbues the wearer with confidence
    • The color red is universally viewed as anti demonic 
    • Red is the color of power and influence
    • Red is associated with strength and fortitude
    • Red is bravery
    • Fung Shui red is the color of good fortune
    • Red protects from malicious forces = evil eye

Wearing a red string also redirects your mind to accept positive energy and good things in your life.


Red String Protection in the Bible 

The first appearance of the red string in the Old Testement in the form of the ‘hut hashani’ (red string) with the tale of Tamar in Genesis

In the old testament (Leviticus 14;1-7) a scarlet thread (red string) among other items is used to purify one’s home from leprosy. 


Once again the scarlet thread, a red string, is used as a mark to protect the members of a household from harm (Proverbs 31;21)


Whether marking the doorpost of the ancient Israelites (protection from the 10th plague), the wrist of a newborn, or the window of a household – its image of the scarlet thread (red string) remains a mark of protection and promise to the individual.


Why Should You wear the Red String Bracelet

The red string bracelet serves as protection, purification, and against the demonic harm of the evil eye …


Knowing one’s red string bracelet symbolically offers them protection from the evil eye and in bringing them good luck.

A red string also has positive psychological help in creating a sense of calm for the wearer.

In many cultures not only is a red string worn on the wrist, it can also be seen tied to windows and doors of the home as a symbol for luck, protection and against the evil eye.


Wear a red string as a symbol to ward off the evil eye and for luck.


Wearing a red string bracelet also offers psychological help in reducing stress by creating a state of calm for the wearer knowing their red string bracelet will bring them luck and protection from the evil eye.