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Hamsa & Evil Eye Fine Jewelry 

The Hamsa is a symbol of protection and enlightenment and helps to calm the spirit.

The Eye is a powerful symbol designed to ward off a curse, transmitted by a look and reflect it back upon them.

Hamsa Evil Eye Jewelry

Wear  Hamsa Jewelry with or without the Eye symbol, it is said to bring good luck and protection from the Evil Eye. 

One of the many benefits of the Hamsa Hand is it protects against domination of the curse of the Evil Eye. Some early cultures adopted the eye as icon for protection, others used only the Hamsa, so over time they merged as the most popular universal symbol against the Evil Eye.

What’s New?

Elongated Heart Evil Eye Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Heart Necklace on adjustable chain 16″-18″   $21.00 

The Evil Eye Simplified.

The unifying belief of many cultures that someone just by looking, or power of their Evil Eye, represents the fear of destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy hatred and envy that may cause harm to another person, home or object. 

Why An Eye Symbol?

The ‘Eye’ is believed to hold ‘higher power’ against an Evil Eye curse. The eye acts as a mirror and its purpose is to reflect back the evil eye to the person of ill-intent. Its purpose is to deflect and reverse it.

14K Gold & Diamond $124.00

Evil Eye Diamond Charm Rose Gold

38 Diamonds 1/5 carat $374.00

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14Karat Gold Diamond $84.20
Sterling Silver Hamsa Ring – Stackable $38.00

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Evil Eye Fine Jewelry

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14K Yellow Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Ring

14K Yellow Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Ring