Mazel Makes Magic Happen.

Send someone luck. 

It will have a huge impact on someone’s life !

Everyone Needs A Little Mazel.

Surprise someone with a message of inspiration.

A positive message, for friends you may not have seen for sometime.

Today, we all feel just how important our human connections truly are.

Admit it, You Smile Each Time You See a Gift Arrive in Your Mailbox.

Put that smile on someone’s faces !

Gifts of mazel and good luck always makes someone’s day. 

A good luck  necklace that will hang around her neck with pride, or proudly displayed for it’s positive message of inspiration. She will be able to touch this gorgeous pendant any times she feels she needs a bit of reassurance. The message of inspiration serves as a reminder of the wonderful support system they have wishing them the best luck.

  • Necklace elegantly presented on Inspirational Message Card (4″ x 3.75″)  
  • Wear with pride or display the necklace as reminder you have mazel.
  • Delivered with your personalized message to the recipient elegontly hand written on Mazel Greeting Card 
  • Good Deed Lucky Dollar, pass it on for Positive Karma 

A good luck necklace delivering a positive message of inspiration, wishing them the best luck.

Studies have shown, when we believe in luck we are luckier and happier too.  Everyone needs a little Mazel.

Necklace Choice :
  $10.50 (free 1st class shipping)



Karma is a Circle. What you do now comes back to you. 


The best way to get luck is to give luck and charity to others.

Charity A Gift of Luck, Send Someone Mazel. 


Pass on the Good Deed Lucky Mazel Dollar and Get Some Luck.


Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on

Packaged together with your purchase a crisp dollar bill stamped, ‘You Got Mazel. Mazel is good luck, Pass it on’. Empowering  the recipient to be your agent of a good deeds and donate the dollar to a worthy cause.

Charity can change one’s Luck and Mazel.

Who knows, maybe your dollar will be the one that changes the world.

Giving others the opportunity to perform a good deed is the ultimate act of paying it forward and good karma. 

Necklace Choice :
  $10.50 (free 1st class shipping)