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Clap Your Hands and Say ‘Happy’

Reach Out and Mazel Someone.

May the Mazel be with you. 

Know Someone who could use a Pickmeup? 

Open Your Hands Wide. Embrace Happiness!

RECONNECT?  … Know Someone Feeling Alone and Unconnected?

 Real Card Mailed For You with Gifts.

Send them Comfort, Send them  Mazel. They’re Worth it ! 

Evil Eye Heart Sterling Silver

Protection from the evil eye and negative energy of others. $28.50

Morning Coffee with Mazel

 A wonderful message of inspiration and positive affirmation. What a delicious way to start each day.

Put a Smile on Someone’s Face

 Everyone smiles when they receive a gift in the mail. $10.50

Happy & Peppy Hamsa 

Just try not to smile when putting this hat on.   $26.00

Lucky Mazel Hat

Positive thinking can actually make positive results happen.  $24.50    

Put a Smile on Someone's Face
Put a Smile on Someone’s Face

Red String Bracelet

Spiritual Blessing and to Believe in Yourself. $5.50

‘I Got Mazel’ Padded Sports Bra 

$38.50 Let the World Know – I Got Mazel 

Mazel Lounge Shirt

Believe and Achieve $18.50

Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on

Pass The Buck & Get Some Luck

Karma is a circle. The best way to get luck is to give Luck and Charity to others.

Your purchase includes a crisp dollar bill, Good Luck Buck  (“good deed money”) empowering  the recipient to be your agent of a good deed to donate charity (the dollar) to a worthy cause. Who knows, maybe your dollar will be the one that changes the world. Giving others the opportunity to perform a good deed is the ultimate act of paying it forward. 

The Mazel High

Did you know giving to a worthy cause lights up the same pleasure areas as food and sex. Wow!