Boost Your Overall Happiness Levels.

Spring has arrived. The birds are chirping,

For many of us this has been a difficult year of anxiety and stress, the good news we are rediscovering what optimism feels like.  Hoping for more joyous time a head of us.

Spring is the season of optimism. With Spring comes more natural light, warm weather, all great natural mood boosters. But if you’re expecting your happiness to skyrocket naturally  … think again.

The good news is researchers have found steps you can implement to maintain and boost  those positive feelings with minimal work.


HERE are things you can do to give joy and euphoria a jolt to boost your overall happiness levels.


Savor good things and everything positive.   Because yes there is joy in everyday things, simply taking a note to whenever something good happens — no matter how small — to really acknowledge it.


Marvel as much as you can. Researchers have been investigating the relationship between wonder, happiness and good health.

In one study participants who reported feeling awe/marvel most often also experienced more positive emotions had lower levels of markers for inflammation.

Being in Awe also may make us more generous. The researchers found that being awed made participants more generous toward others and ethical in their decision-making.

It’s simple to feel in awe or marvel at the wonders of the universe, this feeling can come from taking a walk around the block,

A favorite strategy for ensuring one’s daily dose of awe is heading out for an “awe walk.” On these strolls, turn off your daily list of chores and instead focus on finding wonder in small things along the way.


Be grateful and kind. The benefits of acts of kindness tend to increase people’s ratings of their happiness, and I think we could all use a little bit of extra kindness right now.


While we still don’t know when pre pandemic life’s activities will return as before, scheduling a few safe activities will do wonders for keeping your optimism up.

There are two excellent reasons for  you to start planning Acts of kindness; It will make you feel really good, and it will make the recipient feel great.