Reasons Why Gratitude Will Make You Happier

Surprisingly, happiness is rather simple: express thankfulness and gratitude.

Gratitude will improve your life and make you happier. 

We can never be satisfied with all the things we attempt to obtain until we are grateful for the things and people we already have in our lives.

Philosophers have preached the importance of gratitude since the beginning of time, and recently researchers began to test thankfulness and gratitude in laboratories, and the results have been amazing.

Gratitude alters our brains, making us happier and allowing us to be happier in life. Appreciation affects more than just brain chemistry; it has an impact on every aspect of life. It makes us nicer, makes us happier, healthier and makes us feel more complete.


Gratitude will improve your life:

1) RelationshipsBe grateful for the accolades you receive from your friends, for the checks they pick up, and for simply being there — practice this and it won’t be long before you have more friends to be thankful for.

2) Health/Happy A  recent  study on gratitude proved measurable benefits on psychological, physical, and interpersonal health for those who practiced gratitude.

Simply put: You can actually be happier than you’ve ever been if you practice gratitude. It just keeps building you up. It’s just science.

3) Karma No matter what you believe at the core of every human being, one believes that it is vital to be thankful while good things are happening. Nothing satisfies the soul quite like a self-reminder that there is always something and someone to be grateful for.


Get in the habit, practice Gratitude and you will be happier. It’s that simple.