Good Deed That Sends Positive Vibes – A Gift Of Positive Energy

Give a Gift To Give & Receive Positive Energy

Good Deeds – Positive Energy – Positive Vibes – Good Mazel


Every purchase/gift on has Positive Energy and Luck built in – by donating a dollar to charity.

A gift that has both positive vibes with a positive impact, it’s all about inspiring others to do good. Send them Mazel and watch magic happen.

The concept is simple; The recipient receives a crisp dollar stamped “You Got Mazel, Mazel is Good Luck, Pass It On”

You Got Mazel Good Luck Dollar charity pass it on


Charity, even something as small as a dollar can change one’s destiny for the good.

*  ‘live generously and life will treat you with Mazel and Luck.

It’s simple pass on a dollar to charity to send positive energy and positive vibes your way, for good karma

Giving others a chance to do something good in the world (donating a dollar to a worthy cause) is the ultimate gift, of sending positive vibes into the world for good karma.

Charity can change someone’s destiny for the good.

As such this dollar is a gift of Mazel, for protection and luck. 

According to the sages, if a person is involved in the commission of a good deed, no harm will come to that person.

 ‘agents of good deeds are assured protection and success on their mission’.

Did You Know ? Random acts of kindness really do make you feel happier. Other’s will appreciate you and they’ll be grateful. 

Send a Gift of Luck Red String plus good luck Dollar plus hand written card

People, who felt most strongly appreciated by others for their efforts e.g. sending them positive energy, reported the biggest boost of happiness.

Scientific studies have proven, our brains make pleasurable responses—in the same region that controls cravings for food and sex — when we decide to donate money to causes that we deem worthy.

Karma and positive energy is a circle. What you do now for others, will come back to you.

As you give, you get.

 Pay It Forward

To get luck and gifts of positive energy from the universe one has to give to others.

Sending the good of positive energy into the world, helping others perform good deeds, that is how you

will get good energy back into your life. Send positive energy to others, is a true blessing that brings positive vibes and good Karma your way.

                        Pass the buck and get some luck!

Pass a dollar onto charity for good energy/karma and boost your chances for good energy and prosperity to come your way.

Giving others the opportunity to give is the ultimate act of paying it forward. Who knows, maybe your dollar will be the one that changes the world.

The dollar you give your  friend to pass on to someone in need, me may just been a small token, yet it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only will your gift be uplifting, sending positive vibes to your friend it will also make others believe that there is good in the world and inspires them to keep paying it forward. ( want to be better.)

Perhaps your dollar will be the one that changes someone’s world.  

By using the good deed charity dollar You gave someone positives vibes to make the world a better place. Positive energy and good vibes is what brings Mazel and good destiny into Your world.

What you are doing is What brings Mazel !

Red String Bracelet
Red String Bracelet
Believe in Positive Energy

So you see when we wish people good Mazel – we strive to change and improve that influence.