We Become Better People, When We Empathize and Feel The Burdens of Others

The present pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us.

If there is any good at all to come out of it, I think that it has helped us become more emphatic, and caring towards others. Thus improving ourselves.

EMPATHY  is a very important. It means putting oneself in another’s place, walking in someone else’s shoes, understanding their difficult straits.

Most importantly, when we empathize fully, we become a better person because of it.

We have seen the difficulty of our isolated family members and our friends, being ourselves in their place of isolation. This has surly made us more sensitive to the very isolated elderly. We have empathy.

We have observed small business owners and how their very lives were struck so badly. We empathize.

During this pandemic we have seen firsthand how so much in life is so fragile in our lives and lives of others, how  disaster can strike at any time. We have new empathy.

Hopefully, this has helped us become more grateful for the good in our lives and with which we have been blessed — and thus becoming better people to ourselves and others


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